Presentation Coaching

How effective are your presentations at turning an audience into a client? Effort, planning, time, and resources are a large investment leading up to an actual meeting. Your presentation is more than your pitch. An audience evaluates you based not only on content, but your presence, message, impact, energy, rapport, and knowledge. The ROI on hours of preparation from multiple resources are riding on your meeting. How successful are you at getting your message heard and closing a deal?

We leverage our business, sales, and marketing expertise to fine-tune your brand identity and message, enhance your brand design, and give you a presentation-skills makeover so you can captivate and engage your audience. A solid presentation gets a sale; an excellent presentation leaves a memorable impression of your leadership.

Quantum Excellence Presentation Coaching:

  • Builds your understanding about an audience’s energy and how to utilize it to maximize engagement.
  • Focuses on your audiences’ specific needs to help you develop content that achieves your desired impact.
  • Helps you develop your stage presence.
  • Works with you to design, create, practice and deliver an important speech or presentation.
  • Scripts personal metaphors from your life to support your presentations and connect with your audience.
  • Identifies the best supporting props and mediums to deliver your message.
  • Works with you to prepare for an important interview.
  • Assists you to maximize your image on TV, on stage, or in a boardroom.
  • Prepares you to effectively manage negative audience members and situations.
  • Fosters skills to support your skill growth and overcome obstacles including stage fright, conflict resolution, and a disengaged audience.

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