Management Training

Continued growth paves the path towards success. Our management training courses take you beyond the classroom by cultivating vital skills and giving you hands on experience that you can put into practical and immediate use.


Business Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What if you could communicate more clearly and secure deals more quickly? Can you handle difficult confrontations with ease, comfort, and grace? How efficiently and successfully do you set goals and achieve them? By building awareness of your own skills and habits and observing others, you will master techniques that help you communicate more effectively and enhance relationships. These enhanced leadership skills serve as the catalysts for achieving the quantum excellence in you. Quantum Excellence offers both NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Master Practitioner Certification.
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Quantum Presenting

Whether you’re closing a million dollar deal or speaking to an auditorium audience, presenters are performers. Confidence and charisma naturally engage and captivate others. While most of us aren’t born with this talent, it can be developed. From planning to delivery learn how to become a natural at creating strategic presentations.
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Quantum Sales

The world is full of theoretical sales training, but few give practical skills that you can test and master by the coursework’s end. Our sales program incorporates our Quantum Methodology to Visualize-Actualize-Realize and combines it with strategic communications techniques to develop your skills for actionable results. Become the power player you want and need to be.
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Quantum Negotiating

Expert negotiation skills reach far beyond a secured deal. Shrewd negotiators customize strategies with specific tools and resources to successfully close opportunities, and follow-up to build rapport or enhance customer service. Your increased awareness of negotiation competencies arms you the knowledge you need to leverage your negotiation style, manage conflicts, and improve performance and results.
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Quantum Rapport Building

How often do you get what you want? Developing rapport is a foundational building block in your cache of talents to create positive relationships, negotiating skills, and improved communications. Relying on strong rapport takes the edge off of difficult conversations and intense negotiations, whether you’re in front of a hard-to-convince executive board or in the middle of a tenacious conversation with your family.
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