About Us


Quantum Excellence:

Management solutions designed by executives for executives.

As business professionals, we know what it takes to get you to the next level of improved management, communications, productivity, and, ultimately, excellence.

Business executives, sales and marketing strategists, employee communications professionals, psychologists, certified management trainers, health consultants, meditative experts, holistic healers, researchers, life-long students…

That’s just the tip of the Quantum Excellence iceberg. First and foremost, we’re a team that’s dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise from various industries and fields of study to help today’s executives take their dreams of entrepreneurship and success to the next level. With backgrounds that span worldwide, we have the ability to leverage a global understanding of business, regional nuances, and trends that impact your employees and your ultimate achievements.

We’re strategic thinkers and life enthusiasts, parents and adventurers, leaders and team players. Beyond the titles and interests, we’re just like you—individuals reaching towards continued growth and excellence.

Contact us today and find out how we can partner with you to create a custom solution that gives you the right skills and tools to meet your business objectives. The path to success is fundamentally a commitment to an evolution in thinking, being, and doing. That path starts with change, and that change starts now.

From personal skills to strategic organizational development, we partner with individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to organize the complexity of your goals and create a step-by-step action plan to reach peak performance.

Applying our signature Quantum Excellence Paradigm to Visualize-Actualize-Realize, all of our projects are designed to assess your needs and skills, create a customized plan, and implement, review, and realign your strategy based on the results. Our consulting assessment, coaching and training solutions, and post-implementation review enables you to make key decisions to ensure you stay on track.

Every company has a bottom line. Ours is a straightforward philosophy with a significant outcome—we empower you to achieve excellence.

Inspire. Educate. Excel.

These concepts form the cornerstone of our philosophy to help today’s executives evolve their management skills and practices to build the strongest and most successful companies possible. Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, it’s never too late to lay a solid foundation that aligns management expertise, strategy, corporate culture, employee morale and productivity.

We translate our passion for strategic business growth into customized solutions that revolutionize the way you approach business with the goal of boosting your top and bottom lines. At the heart of our approach is the focus on people. The true answer to increased productivity and profitability can be found in the support, career-pathing, and environment that companies offer to their employees through an engaging philosophy, culture, and brand identity.

We’re excited about evolving management and business concepts to match the changing interests of employees at a personal level worldwide. No matter where you live or work, there is a common element to what all of us ultimately want—happiness and success. While the definition of these vary from one person to the next, companies and careers are the biggest influences when you consider that most people work 40 – 60+ hours each week. Quantum Excellence helps executives and their teams build the balance that supports both personal and professional development.

As business leaders, when you identify growth opportunities and implement positive changes, you pave the path of success and cultivate a meaningful, motivational goal that resonates in all—excellence!

Today’s management teams hunger for more than executive skills analysis and strategic business advice. Quantum Excellence focuses on a fully integrated approach that revolutionizes management consulting to enhance the balance between skill development and business objectives.

According to a 2007 Towers Perrin survey, only 21% of employees felt engaged at work, while 38% were disenchanted. Those companies with low engagement experienced a 33% decline in annual operating income and an 11% decline in earnings growth. Companies fostering high employee engagement saw a 19% increase in operating income and 28% earnings growth per share.* With technology keeping us connected 24/7 and global economies impacting business profitability, the demands on employee productivity continue to rise. As the ‘do more with less’ motto is taking hold across all industries, most executives fail to realize that improving productivity and profitability starts with a personal shift in strategic business management planning and tactics.

At Quantum Excellence, we unite classic business consulting concepts with personal skills development, including management training, mindfulness, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to support your growth at home and at work. As you discover and cultivate your strengths, you will acquire the tools you need to build positive and productive work environments that increase your return and savings on resource and revenue investments.

* Source: “The Productivity Paradox, How Sony Pictures Gets More Out of People by Demanding Less,” by Tony Schwartz, Harvard Business Review, June 2010.

Our Mission is simple—to reveal the best in you to achieve success and pave the path towards quantum excellence in all of us.


Encouragement through opportunity, support, and education is the cornerstone of excellence.


Evolution on the path to personal and professional success requires growth through awareness and mindfulness.


Combining key elements from leadership, management, consulting, psychology, philosophy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching, meditation, and hypnosis, we strive towards excellence by creating quantum changes within ourselves.

From character to key decisions, our core values define and shape every aspect of our company.


We take a vested interest in your success. Fundamentally and wholeheartedly dedicated to your growth, path, and achievement, we develop solutions that empower you to succeed and add significant value to you and your ultimate objectives.

Commitment to Results

Our commitment to attaining project goals is an extension of our steadfast commitment to you. We remain by your side throughout the project with our reliable expertise and support, so that you can be confident in every step you take.


A successful partnership is based on trust and respect. From individual nuances to strategic objectives, our consulting, coaching, and training efforts assess multiple facets to create a viable path for your goals. Keeping all the details of your project in the strictest confidence is our top priority.


An ethical approach to business and life is our heartbeat. Through responsible partnership, guidance and support, we help and inspire you to reach your goals. Success for us isn’t about pushing our own agenda but ensuring you attain your project objectives and remain on course for performance excellence.

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou